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Togawa kidnaps Mikoto Urabe in the Anime OAV , Mysterious Summer Festival, also called Anime Chapter 14. She is Matsubue's girlfriend, and is with him when they decide to test Tsubaki and Urabe during the Summer Festival. When Tsubaki and Urabe are in a crowd of people at the festival, they become separated from one another when the announcement is made that the fireworks are about to begin. As soon as Urabe is by herself in the crowd, Togawa takes Urabe's hand and leads her to a tent near the shrine building. Togawa is wearing a crisp white shirt and a cute blue jumper dress, and has her face hidden by wearing a fox spirit mask. She apparently helps Matsubue set up the device to entrap Urabe, but when Urabe is rendered helpless, she merely looks on with mild curiosity. Finally, at the end of the night of terror for Tsubaki and Urabe, she claps like a little girl getting a holiday gift !

Later, Togawa begins to cry in front of Matusbue. She is able to cry on demand simply by reflecting that summer is going to end. She allows Matsubue to lick her tears from her face, and reflects that she will keep fulfilling his odd request until she figures out his mystery. She frequently wonders why she fell in love with him in the first place. She believes that if she solves his mystery she will be able to solve her own personal love dilemma.

Her full name is actually Arika Togawa (though she is not called Arika in the OVA) and she and Takaomi Matsubue are the stars of another manga by Ueshiba Riichi . They do a crossover appearance as the perpetrators of a test to ascertain the strength of the Drool Bond and Love Passion between Urabe and Tsubaki, in the Mysterious Girlfriend X OAV.