An anime adaptation by Hoods Entertainment began airing in Japan from April 7, 2012 and was simulcast by Crunchyroll as part of the Spring 2012 line up.

The series was licensed in North America by Sentai Filmworks and began streaming on The Anime Network and Hulu 31 days following its airdate. A DVD and Blu-ray release has been made available that includes a new English dub as well as the original Japanese audio and subtitles for them.

The opening theme is "Orchestra of Love" (恋のオーケストラ Koi no Ōkesutora?) by Ayako Yoshitani, the voice of main character Mikoto Urabe, whilst the ending theme is "Afterschool Promise" (放課後の約束 Hōkago no Yakusoku?) again by Ayako Yoshitani.

Thirteen episodes aired on TV, and a fourteenth was released as an OVA on a DVD with Volume 9 of the manga. It featured characters from one of Richii Ueshiba's earlier works. This OAV was not included in the Western Blu-ray release.


# Title Original air date
01 "Mysterious Girlfriend""Nazo no Kanojo" (謎の彼女) April 7, 2012
A strange new transfer student named Mikoto Urabe is instantly labelled as a weirdo due to her odd sleeping patterns and a strange outburst of laughter during class. When Akira Tsubaki wakes up Urabe at the end of a school day, he finds her face enchanting and ends up sampling some of her drool. After having a dream about Urabe that he can't seem to get out of his head, Tsubaki suddenly comes down with a fever. Urabe finds out and goes to Tsubaki's house and gives him more of her drool which cures his fever, explaining his symptoms were the result of withdrawal from not getting any more drool of the girl he loved. As such, Urabe begins meeting up with Tsubaki every day to give him some more of her drool. As Tsubaki starts to fall further in love with Urabe, he decides to confess to her. When asked by Urabe to profess his love in a way only he can, Tsubaki demonstrates it by ripping up a photo he had in his wallet of his middle school crush. After explaining the reason she laughed in class was because a voice told her Tsubaki would be the first person she would have sex with, Urabe agrees to become his girlfriend.
02 "Mysterious Bond""Nazo no Kizuna" (謎の絆) April 14, 2012
Tsubaki decides to ask his friend, Kouhei Ueno, on what he could do to advance his relationship with Urabe. Over the next few datys, he tries the advice but none of his attempts seems to work on her. When asked if they really are in a relationship or not, Urabe takes Tsubaki to an abandoned house. Telling Tsubaki to close his eyes, Urabe undresses herseld and feeds him more of her drool, explaining that their drool is a special bond that allows them to know what they are feeling. The next day, after Tsubaki has a strange dream involving Urabe, Urabe drinks some of his drool and somehow manages to recall Tsubaki's dream in great detail.
03 "Mysterious Test Tube""Nazo no Shikenkan" (謎の試験管) April 21, 2012
Tsubaki spots Ueno kissing Ayuko Oka, who Ueno explains is his girlfriend he's been secretly dating for a while. When Tsubaki expresses his desire to kiss Urabe, she gives him a test tube of her drool, telling him to drink it before he goes to bed. That night he has a dream where he is kissed by Urabe and feels disappointed that she isn't putting her feelings into their first kiss. The next day, Tsubaki comes to realise they should only kiss when they come to understand each other's feelings. Later at school, another boy in Tsubaki's class, Ogata, confesses to Urabe, asking her to go out with him. Urabe decides to give him a reply the next day, forbidding Tsubaki to interfere. The next day, as Urabe goes to school with no underwear on, she feeds Ogata some of her drool and, upon hearing he doesn't feel any different, rejects him. After doing the same with Tsubaki, which makes his nose bleed, Urabe explains how his reaction to her drool is proof that he is the only one she shares this bond with, and they walk home together holding hands.
04 "Mysterious Girl-Meets-Girl""Nazo no Gāru Mītsu Gāru" (謎のガール・ミーツ・ガール) April 28, 2012
Ayuko decides to have her lunch next to Mikoto, much to everyone's surprise. As Mikoto gets a scrape during PE the next day, Ayuko takes her to the nurse's office to treat it. After sharing a drink with her, Ayuko discovers she suddenly has the same injury as Mikoto. They soon deduce that Mikoto's drool can also transfer injuries, showing Ayuko has a similar connection to her as Akira does. Ayuko mentions how she became fascinated by Mikoto after seeing her with Akira, but Mikoto rejects her offer of becoming friends. The next day, Ayuko feeds some of her drool to Mikoto, deducing from her reaction to its sweet taste that she hasn't kissed Akira yet. Afterwards, Mikoto and Ayuko begin a daily routine of spending lunch together.
05 "Mysterious First Date!""Nazo no Fāsuto Dēto" (謎のフャーストデート) May 5, 2012
After failing to see Mikoto in a swimsuit during swim class, Akira sees an image of her in a swimsuit whilst tasting her sweat. As summer vacation arrives and the two continue their drool swapping tradition, Akira manages to build up the courage to ask Mikoto on a date to the beach. A week passes and Akira and a tanned Mikoto head to the beach where they eat yakisoba and swim in the ocean. Upon spotting a tanline from Mikoto's pair of scissors, Akira gets a nosebleed which Mikoto later experiences when she tries Akira's drool on the way home.
06 "Mysterious Step Up""Nazo no Suteppu Appu" (謎のステップ・アップ) May 12, 2012
While shopping for clothes, Akira is met by Oka who talks to him about using first names with her boyfriend, Kouhei. Oka divines that Mikoto and Akira do not use each others' first names via an abridged drool swapping with Akira. She then accosts Mikoto similarly and talks to Mikoto about first names briefly before Mikoto excuses herself. At the park Akira preys upon a sleeping Mikoto by whispering her first name to her. Akira has another weird dream again and blurts out that he wants a photo of Mikoto when they are walking to school. Later, Akira is waiting for Mikoto at a bridge and his crush invites him to a coffee date. After he discusses the invitation, Akira finds Mikoto hiding at one of the bridge ends and says she did not want to interrupt the conversation. While walking back, Mikoto and Akira talk about Akira's crush inviting him to coffee. After a drool swap, the two understand each others feelings before Akira whips out the camera again to try and take a photo of Mikoto.

"Mysterious Flu""Nazo no Hayarikaze" (謎の流行風邪)

May 19, 2012
After showing impressive display on the track, Mikoto is asked to participate in a relay race for the sports festival, although she rejects the idea of joining the track team as it means she wouldn't be able to walk home with Akira. As the students switch to their winter uniforms, Akira comes down with a cold. Having heard from Ayuko about how she dressed up in a bikini to help Kouhei get over a cold, Mikoto wears a bikini under her coat and gives Akira some of her drool, which helps him recover. On the day of the sports festival, Mikoto manages to help bring her team to victory in the relay race. Akira suggests to Mikoto that she should join the track team, but Mikoto once again rejects, as she much prefers spending time with Akira.

"Mysterious Sensation""Nazo no Kankaku" (謎の感覚)

May 26, 2012
Akira has a dream where he got to squeeze Mikoto's breast and can't get the sensation out of his head. Taking a stroll, he decides to go in the direction Mikoto usually takes after school and comes up to an apartment block, which turns out to be where Mikoto lives. Mikoto invites Akira into her apartment for tea, where his imagination starts to get the better of him. After catching Mikoto as she trips after being spooked by some lightning, Akira almost reaches for her breast but Mikoto stops him. After getting Akira to tell her about his dream, she feeds him some drool whilst grabbing her own breast, giving him a stronger sense of the feeling. She then allows Akira the opportunity to touch them for himself, which causes Akira to become more aggressive and tease her ears until she notices Mikoto is crying and runs off. The next day, after Mikoto gets some advice from Ayuko about the new experiences she is feeling, Akira asks Mikoto to slap him as a way of apology. Afterwards, Mikoto explains the feeling she gets when her ear is touched before taking on Akira's bruise herself.

"Mysterious "This is just, I dunno..."""Nazo no "Nandaka Chotto" (謎の「なんだかちょっと」)

June 02, 2012
Noticing Mikoto with a serious case of bedhead, Ayuko fixes her up with a new hairstyle. Mikoto soon gets a lot of attention for her new hairstyle, which makes Akira a bit jealous. As they go home, Akira convinces Mikoto to go back to her old hairstyle and messes up her hair on her request. The next day, as Ayuko calls her out on it, Mikoto shows her the feeling of having her hair messed up, which she comes to enjoy. Meanwhile, as Akira gets frustrated when one of the male students starts selling photos of Mikoto's alternate hairstyle, he learns of an idol named Momoka Imai who has a strong likeness to Mikoto. Akira soon impulsively buys Momoka's photobook and enjoys looking at it. As Mikoto hears about it from Ayuko, who heard about it from Kouhei, she demands Akira to bring the book to her and destroys it, saying he doesn't need it when he's got the real deal.

"Mysterious Affair""Nazo no Abanchūru" (謎のアバンチュール)

June 09, 2012
Akira runs into Aika, who reveals how she knew of Akira's feelings for her when he lies about not having a girlfriend. Aika gives Akira the opportunity to try some of her drool, but he backs out realising it could damage his bond with Mikoto, bringing to light that he does have a girlfriend. The next day, Aika decides to approach Mikoto, inviting her to her school's culture festival on Sunday with the news that Akira might be there. Later that night, Aika calls out Akira with a fake wound on her face, manipulating Akira into coming to the festival with her and pretending to be her boyfriend. Akira tries to come up with an alibi in front of Mikoto, but she soon learns the truth from Ayuko. As Akira goes to the festival on Sunday, Aika shows up wearing her old middle school uniform.

"Mysterious Cultural Festival""Nazo no Bunkasai" (謎の文化祭)

June 16, 2012

As Ayuko goes to the festival with Kouhei, she spots Akira with Aika and decides to follow them. As Akira tries to hold off the advances of Aika, Mikoto appears in a box robot, suggesting they do a blind taste test of each of their drool to see which Akira prefers. Akira instantly gets a nosebleed from Mikoto's drool, due to the fact she was naked inside her costume. Aika gets naked and attempts to give Akira her drool, but she stops when she starts crying, making it clear that her advances on Akira was simply an attempt to get over losing her boyfriend, who had feelings for someone else even when he was dating her. Mikoto tries some of Aika's drool, sensing she has long had unrequited love but assuring her she'll one day find the right someone. Just then, Akira's blindfold gets shaken off and he sees the girls naked, prompting slaps from the both of them. As Akira and Mikoto leave together, she tells him that her eventual kiss with him will be her first, prompting a smile when she tries his drool.


"Mysterious "Squeeze"""Nazo no "Gyu"" (謎の「ぎゅっ」)

June 23, 2012

As Akira is a little bashful around Mikoto, having seen her naked and all, she requests to try his drool, her experience how flustered he is. The next day, when Mikoto uses her scissors against Akira for attempting to hug her, she is shocked when she sees she had cut his forehead a little. As Mikoto takes Akira to her home to get his injury treated, she finds her scissors have become less accurate, which she believes to be caused by a strange dream she had after trying Akira's drool. As Mikoto gives Akira more of her drool, he starts picturing Mikoto naked and ends up banging his head whilst trying to avoid hugging Mikoto on impulse. After hearing his reasoning, Mikoto decides to hug Akira of her own accord, which in turn restores her scissor technique. The next day, as one of his classmates offers to replace Akira's gauze, Akira opts to keep it as it was the gauze Mikoto gave him. Later that day, Mikoto once again initiates a hug.


"Mysterious Girlfriend and Boyfriend""Nazo no Kanojo to Kareshi" (謎の彼女と彼氏)

June 30, 2012

While out shopping, Mikoto meets up with Akira's sister, Youko, who takes her to a coffee shop, where she talks about past love crushes and asks about having a boyfriend. She mentions that she promised her deceased mother that she will take care of Akira till he is finishes his studies and does not have time for romances anymore. Later on, Mikoto asks Akira to go to his mother's grave next Sunday and pay their respects. Mikoto meets with Akira and he's surprised to see her very formally dressed. After paying their respects and talking about Akira's mother, Mikoto wants to "feel" Akira's memories about his mother and they decide to exchange simultaneously drool while Mikoto touches the gravestone. Mikoto and Akira both end up shedding tears and they feel that their bond has deepened as they continue to walk off talking and laughing.


"Mysterious Summer Festival""Nazo no Natsu Matsuri" (謎の夏祭り)

August 23, 2012

Akira, Mikoto, Kouhei and Ayuko go together to the summer festival. As Kouhei and Ayuko go off together, Akira and Mikoto are left on their own, but get separated in the crowd, with Mikoto being led away by a mysterious masked girl. As Akira searches for her, he comes across a strange tent where Mikoto is found tied up. Akira is then challenged by her kidnappers to pull a rope to free her, pulling the wrong one causing her to fall. Believing in their bond, Mikoto drools down the rope she is tied up against, allowing Akira to deduce the correct rope to pull. After Akira frees Mikoto, the kidnappers and the tent mysteriously disappear and Akira and Mikoto find themselves at the shrine, where Mikoto gives Akira a red string bracelet.

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