Hoshinome Girls' Academy is the school that Hayakawa Aika attends. It is an upper class, girls-only High School. It is known for it's very high admission standards, it's emphasis on unwavering academic excellence, and the business-like and professional culture of it's administrators, faculty, and student body. The girls who graduate from the Academy most likely will become leaders, movers, and shakers in the business, financial, academic, scientific, and political arenas. Like most High Schools, the Academy has a summer Cultural Festival that is mostly student created and run, with teachers acting only in an advisory capacity. One unusual feature of the The Hoshinome School Cultural Festival is that almost all of the girls who work at or attend the Festival cosplay or cross-cosplay in costumes, making it one of the most colorful festivals anywhere.


The Hoshinome Girls' Academy High School Female School Uniform

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