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Chapter 87
Relationship milestones Urabe and Tsubaki go on a formal date together, causing Youko to reminisce about the time she went on a date with her boyfriend in high school.
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Akira Tsubaki pretends that he is going to visit his male friend, Ueno. But his big sister, Youko, knows better. He is going on a date with his girlfriend, Urabe. Youko gives him a bottle of cologne for good measure, to greatly improve his moxy. Now alone in the house, Youko daydreams of when she went on a date with her boyfriend at a karaoke parlor; she wore a sexy outfit, and he wore the same cologne. Tsubaki and Urabe end up going to a karaoke parlor, and Urabe not only wears a sexy outfit, but notices the cologne, too.

Meanwhile, Youko is still daydreaming, remembering that she was so overwhelmed by the cologne, that she went nuts and tried to 'make out' in the karaoke booth. Not so much so with Urabe and Tsubaki in their booth. Nevertheless, Youko get panicky, and thinks that her brother is going to 'make out' with Urabe, and 'do it' in the booth. Such is not to happen, and Tsubaki returns from his date unharmed and unawares. Youko immediately confiscates the bottle of cologne, this for (supposedly) Tsubaki's own good !


One day, Youko Tsubaki catches her younger brother, Akira Tsubaki, not only dressed very well, more so than his usual self, but getting ready to go somewhere. He claims to be going to visit his male friend, Ueno, but Youko suspects otherwise. Therefore, Youko gives him a shot of sweet, erotic smelling cologne, just for good measure, mind you ! Akira mildly objects, but big sister's reply is that he is at the age that he needs to start giving thought to his appearance and grooming. Youko takes a big whiff, then hands him the bottle of cologne, saying that it is her gift to him. He takes it, puts it in his dress jacket pocket, and takes his leave. Youko wishes him well.

After the front door closes, Youko confides in herself her honest wish for her little brother, that he enjoy his date with Urabe ! By his fashion choices, Akira's intentions could not have been any more plain or noticeable. When he actually goes to visit Ueno, he typically is dressed in a old, worn-out white t-shirt, old blue jeans, and a work jacket or hoodie with dirty sneakers. But today ? Wow ! A thin striped dress shirt, worn under a vest, a business jacket over the vest and shirt, dress pants, and shiny leather shoes ! Double Wow !! Youko reminisces that the cologne was the same kind and brand that she gave to her boyfriend when she was in high school. So, Akira is now at that age, old enough to be in high school, old enough to look appealing and wear nice clothes, and old enough to attract and date cute girls !!! She silently wishes Akira a good time and outcome with his date.

Urabe wears a sexy and provoctive outfit for her date with Tsubaki!

Akira Tsubaki is downtown, waiting by a street post in front of a crosswalk. He thinks to himself that he has never worn cologne before. What is it like ? He takes the bottle out of his pocket, and hits himself with another dose, just to be sure.

" Tsubaki-kun ! " , comes out of nowhere.

" Urabe ? "

It is ! Urabe is also dressed extra special for the date. She has on a V-neck peasant blouse, a sweater over the blouse, with the sweater having a heart shaped print pattern. Urabe is also wearing a micro-mini skirt, consisting of only two tiers of ruffles that barely cover her panties, sexy gray opaque pantyhose, and black strappy sandal-style square healed pumps. Triple Wow !!! Urabe apologizes for being late; Tsubaki acknowledges that girls take more time to get ready, so it's okay. It is now 1:30 in the afternoon. Neither one has had lunch, so Tsubaki suggests that they both go get something to eat.

It is now 1:30 in the afternoon. At home, Youko is on the front room floor, laying on her back, all alone and day dreaming. She tells herself that right about now, Urabe and Tsubaki would be eating lunch somewhere. Her mind then begins to drift---going back to the time when her boyfriend took her on a most memorable date. It was the first time that he wore that brand of cologne for a date with her---

FLASHBACK---For that date, the two lovers went to a karaoke parlor. Back then, Youko was dressed every bit as sexy and erotic as Urabe is dressed today for her date. Youko was wearing a white peasant blouse, with a light sweater over it. She had on short shorts that barely covered her cheeks and panties, done in a print pattern of psychedelic style zig-zags and flowers, with completely bare legs and knee-high brown leather spike-heeled go-go boots. Her hair was done up in cute, provocative twin tails. In the karaoke booth, Youko remembers singing her heart out---

Back then, Youko also wore a sexy and provocative outfit for her date with Arima!

Youko gets provocative with her conversation, too!

" When I'm alone with you in this classroom;

It's full of landmines that blow all logic away;


But, to be honest, I really wish you would step on one ............ "

Youko next hands the mic to her boyfriend, Arima, telling him to pick the next song. As she comes near to him, she gets close enough to get a whiff of his cologne. Youko becomes mentally and emotionally intoxicated with Eros Love, and asks him if he is wearing the cologne that she game to him ? He is, since she gave it to him, after all ! Youko announces to him, very explicitly, that it is like he has been stained with her own, personal color ! Arima is quite taken aback. "Don't be silly!" Nevertheless, Youko takes another deep, exhilarating hit of his scent. And with that, she dives in for a long, rapturous, sensual, and steamy kiss.

Youko muses that was the first time that she initiated and zeroed in, planting a kiss on him. She was every bit intoxicated with the scent of the cologne that she had given to him ! Youko then wonders if something like that is going to happen to Tsubaki and Urabe ? What if they go for karaoke, and she smells the cologne on him ? That would be a rare occurrence, but it could happen ! (#End flashback)

Like a self-fulfilling prophesy, Tsubaki and Urabe, at this very hour, are in a karaoke booth. It is the first time that they have gone to karaoke together ! Tsubaki remarks that there were no good movies to see, and they just went bowling recently, so karaoke was a good choice. He asks Urabe what she wants to drink ? Iced coffee. On the screen of the karaoke monitor is the picture of Momoka Imai's new single, "Love is Like a Crossfire!". Tsubaki places the drink order---an iced coffee and a ginger ale.........and some popcorn..........and some Pocky ! Meanwhile, Urabe, sitting right next to him as he stands to use the phone, takes in a big whiff. She gets closer, putting her head right on his hip. Sniff, sniff !

" What are you doing ? ", queries Tsubaki !

" Sorry ! ", squeaks out Urabe.

" Ready to pick out some songs ? "

" Sure ! " The clock on the wall of the karaoke booth reads 4:03 PM.

The clock on the wall at the Tsubaki home reads 4:03 PM. Youko, on the couch, slowly lays down and sinks back into her flashback daydream---

FLASHBACK---In her mind, with a memory that is crystal clear, Youko recalls, then replays her love-infused kiss given to her boyfriend, over and over, again and again.

" That was the first time I initiated a kiss with Arima ........... and after our lips touched, after that, I ............ put my arms around his neck ............ and then I pushed him down onto the couch ............ we were both prone on the couch ........... whoa ! Whoa !! WHOA !!! ............ even if I was intoxicated by the cologne, I must have been crazy back then !!!!!!! But then Arima put his arms on my shoulders, and brought the both of us back to sitting upright on the couch ............ He than said, " [Youko], I don't like doing this kind of thing in karaoke rooms. " ............ I apologized to him ............. He continued, " I'm glad that you'd do something like that with me ... let's just .... save it for the right time and place ...... okay ? " He did the right thing stopping me ............ Arima-kun really was the serious type ........... (#End flashback)

But if that had been Akira Tsubaki ............ and Urabe-san had made a move on him ............. and pushed him down on the couch ............ he would definitely go along with it ............ Urabe-san has a pretty nice body (I saw it at the bathhouse {see Chapter 85})............. so they might even ............. go all the way ............ and Urabe will lose her 'First Time'..................!?!?!?! "

And with that thought, Youko, in a jolt, shoots upright from lounging on the couch ! In abject terror and frustration, she begins spinning herself upright on the floor, like an ice skater. Youko thinks to herself---

" OH NO ! Giving Akira that cologne was a mistake ! They're to young to 'go all the way' ! "

Meanwhile, in the karaoke booth, Tsubaki tells Urabe that the next song is a duet.

" Can you sing this with me ? " , inquires Tsubaki ?

" Yeah, I can ! " , answers Urabe.

" The setting sun on our way home; | the setting sun on our way home;

Shines on us like a spotlight; | shines on us like a spotlight;

I'm looking around as we walk, because I'm afraid to look into your eyes; | I'm looking around as we walk, because I'm afraid to look into your eyes;

But when I'm not looking at you, you're staring at me; | But when I'm not looking at you, you're staring at me;

You're such a coward, it's not fair! | You're such a coward, it's not fair! "

And with a 30 second pause in the song, Urabe seems to move in for a kiss with Tsubaki. But when her lips are only a couple of inches from his, Urabe whispers to Tsubaki if his sister had given to him cologne ?

" You smell very different from the usual. " Tsubaki says that yes she did, as a gift, handed to him as he left the house today. Urabe coyly remarks that it smells very good. She then states that she is sure that his sister is 'cheering you on'. Huh? Never mind!

Urabe herself now fades into a daydream. She thinks back to the time when Youko and herself were in the bath, unclothed, and sharing intimate thoughts with one another. Youko said to her to please be good to her brother.

The music interlude is over, and the next lyrics are up, ready to be sung. Urabe, fast on the draw, sings the lyric by herself, directed to Tsubaki---

" I want to open a new door into you, soon! "

And with that crescendo, Urabe does a quick and unannounced drool taste of Tsubaki. As Urabe pops the drool into her mouth, she remembers that at the bathhouse, she herself asked Youko to be good to her, too! But the drool message piggybacked on the drool from Tsubaki to Urabe is one of an angry Youko. Urabe is much surprised.

As the two lovers are walking from the karaoke parlor, Urabe asks Tsubaki if he had been touched by Youko anytime today ? He was, when she gave him the cologne. Urabe then tells him that the image of Youko scolding her, as in the drool taste, is more like that of a concerned mother, rather that an interested sister. Tsubaki reluctantly agrees.

As soon as Akira Tsubaki walks through the front door, Youko is right there, demanding that he give back the cologne, like right now !!! He does. Youko sternly tells him that he doesn't need it right now, so she will hold onto it for him, for his own good ! Akira can only stand at the front door in silent exasperation !