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Chapter 0.5



Nazo no Katto

Volume Manga Volume 1
Relationship milestones Tsubaki gets his first taste of Urabe's 'Enhanced Drool'
Mysterious Bond (Chapter)
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Mysterious Haircut (謎のカット Nazo no Katto) is Chapter 0.5 of Nazo no Kanojo X.

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Urabe attempts to cut her own hair with her 'panty scissors' routine, with less than desirable results.

Tsubaki unconsciously begins dreaming about Urabe.

Later, she unknowingly gives Tsubaki his first taste of 'enhanced' drool.


Urabe and Tsubaki are walking home from school, when Tsubaki remarks that Urabe's hair is getting longer and longer. It is now down to her shoulders. With that remark, Urabe decides here and now to cut her own hair, out in public, with her 'panty scissors' routine. Not only does she trim her hair shorter, but leaves it in an awful mess, as well as giving herself a tiny cut on the forehead, that begins to bleed down her nose.

That night , Tsubaki dreams about Urabe. She is on an elevated observation deck, next to the high-rise apartment building. She is looking away, towards the center of the city. Tsubaki is walking on an elevated sidewalk located across the street, looking at Urabe, but only seeing her backside. Both are wearing their school uniforms. Several characters dressed for a Halloween party are walking alongside Tsubaki, but are looking ahead. There is no steam coming from the steam vent.

A day or so later, Urabe and Tsubaki are again walking home from school. They stop for their daily 'drool bond' routine, but Tsubaki has an unexpected reaction to her drool. His heart begins to beat furiously, and his face becomes red and flush. He walks away alone, wondering what just happened. However, Urabe turns away from him, and lifts the bangs over her eyes, reveling that she is wearing glasses. This is something that she apparently considers to be a very sexy thing for her to do, thus creating the enhanced drool that shocked Tsubaki.

Commentary and Opinion

The thoughts of CuteButLooksLolita

It seems that Urabe knows quite a lot about drool and the Drool Bond. In later chapters of the manga, it is shown that she is able to generate a standard dose, a concentrated drool, and an enhanced drool, the most powerful of all. Although not shown in the anime, in this chapter of the manga, Urabe feeds Tsubaki enhanced drool for the first time, surprising Tsubaki with such a forceful reaction. She appears to 'rev up' her drool by thinking about, or actually doing something unusual, quirky, boldly erotic, or very sexual in nature. Wearing glasses, apparently, is something that makes Urabe feel very sexy, and although the glasses are hidden by her bangs, they are the key to her enhanced drool that Tsubaki tastes for the first time. Look for the future chapter in the manga where Urabe creates enhanced drool by not wearing her white panties under her school uniform skirt !