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Chapter 78


Relationship milestones Tsubaki orders Urabe to not wear a particular dress on rainy days. Usually, it's the other way around, Urabe ordering Tsubaki.
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Urabe and Youko have a social interaction, first by meeting in the rain, and then a visit to the Tsubaki household. Akira Tsubaki and Ueno are also having a get together at Ueno's house. In both cases, some heartfelt thoughts and feelings were interchanged. After Urabe became soaked in the rain, Youko gives Urabe a dress of her own that she used to wear. Urabe tries it on, and decides that she will keep it.

Later, when Urabe and Tsubaki meet up for a drool routine, it is still raining. Under an umbrella, the two do their drool routine. Tsubaki is puzzled as to why the image of his older sister, Youko, is coming across on the drool taste image. Urabe says that it is because Youko used to wear this dress, although she said that you did not like her to wear it. Tsubaki has to clue her in on the fact that when that particular dress becomes wet, it becomes see-through ! Therefore, Tsubaki tells Urabe she can wear the dress only on dry days, definitely not on rainy days !


The weather was supposed to be only cloudy, but a cloudburst of rain catches Urabe unawares. Thankfully, she remembered to bring her umbrella. Urabe is in the downtown shopping district. As she slowly moves through the crowd, she comes upon someone unexpectedly. Youko Tsubaki, Akira Tsubaki's older sister, hiding under a store front awning. After pleasantries are exchanged, Urabe offers to share her umbrella with Youko, and to walk her home. Youko also did not expect the rain, at least until the evening. To return the favor, Youko offers to invite Urabe into the home, and have tea. This Urabe accepts. But where is Akira, she asks ? He is at Ueno's place, probably the two of them just goofing around. In a while, another cloudburst happens, causing Youko to become concerned.

Ueno is also concerned with the pouring rain, looking out at it from his bedroom window. Tsubaki is sitting on the floor, looking through a photo album. Tsubaki admires all the places that Oka and Ueno have been, and the different things that they have experienced. Each experience gets a picture ! But what is this picture, Tsubaki asks ? It is of Youko at the beach, wearing a white bikini swimsuit, and sitting on a beach blanket. Tsubaki becomes indignant, wanting to know why Ueno has such an intimate picture of his older sister ? Youko took the both of us to the beach way back when, don't you remember ? And Ueno took the photo 'on the sly', without her knowing about it. Why ? Because Ueno had an adolescent crush on Youko, even though she was older than him. Also way back then, Ueno would come over to the Tsubaki household, but he only wanted to ogle at Youko, not necessary play with Akira. He even dreamed of the two of them getting married some day. This all before he met Oka, and started dating Oka in earnest. Ueno brushes it all off as just what adolescent boys do. But Akira is not so congenial and understanding. He becomes tense and tart. He tells Ueno that he has something that he has always wanted to tell him. Listen up---the real skinny is . . . . . . . . .

Meanwhile, at the Tsubaki home, both young women are soaking wet, even with having the umbrella. Youko offers Urabe a towel to dry off with, then offers to lend her an outfit for her to change into. Urabe accepts both offers. Youko changes herself out of wet clothes first, then picks out an outfit for Urabe. She gives it to Urabe, directs her to the bathroom, then, as a good hostess, sets out snacks and drinks for the both of them. Youko apologetically tells Urabe that it is just a dress that she would always wear when she went to college. But, WOW ! Even though it is a somewhat plain dress, with a rather adult style of a just above the knee hemline, on Urabe it looks downright regal. Urabe looks so cute, so says Youko !

Youko goes on to reminisce about when she would often wear that dress in college. However, for some reason, Akira disliked the dress, so much so that Youko gradually left off wearing it, and it has been in her closet ever since. She never found out just why he disliked it, but when he would see her wearing it, he would always suggest she wear something else. But Akira was just starting middle school, and Youko though that he was only going through some sort of phase with regard to girls.

Back at Ueno's home, Tsubaki's discipline lecture is just getting fired up. He points out that Ueno has no female siblings, only brothers, right ? But if you did, and your sister(s) have become old enough that they start getting intimately noticed by boys, that is just not very nice. So for you to have been ogling my sister like that ........ for me it's......... that's really, really unpleasant ! Really ? In his own defense, Ueno says that he never gave that a lot of thought. He remarks that he is really envious of having such an older sister. Like, when you were young, you got to take a lot of baths with your sister, didn't you ? (he did!) " Will you knock it off ! ", barks Tsubaki. For someone, namely me, who does have a sister, this is a very delicate problem to handle. Do you understand ? And Tsubaki tells his best friend that he doesn't want to hear anything, not one peep, about the attractive sister, Youko Tsubaki. Got it ???

" Are you sure that you don't mind ? ", implores Urabe to Youko. Youko says that Urabe's clothes are still drying, and since the dress looks so much better on you than me, why don't you keep the dress ! Youko also thanks Urabe for looking after Akira during class ( Youko may or may not know that her brother and Urabe have actually been dating for quite some time now ). Now with no need to wait on her clothes to finish drying, Urabe politely takes her leave. However, it is still raining, so she once again walks under the umbrella, trying to stay dry.

In a strange coincidence, Urabe comes upon Tsubaki walking in the rain with an umbrella. After exchanging greetings, Urabe finds out that he is walking home from being with Ueno. Tsubaki wants to know what Urabe has been doing, but she hesitates to tell him. Her hesitation provides Tsubaki with a rare opportunity, and he seizes it promptly. He correctly guesses that Urabe is walking home. Therefore, he collapses his umbrella, and asks Urabe to use her umbrella. Now the two of them can romantically walk together sharing one umbrella. Neat ! Tsubaki says that they can walk together until they reach their daily drool location, where they share drool every weekday. As they continue to walk, the rain picks up in volume and intensity. Tsubaki notices that Urabe's outside shoulder is getting wet, but she says that she doesn't mind. To make small talk, Urabe offhandedly asks Tsubaki if he likes the dress that she is wearing ? He replies that this is the first time that he has seen her wear the dress, that it suits her style very well, and makes her look really cute !

When they reach the drool location, Tsubaki opens his umbrella again, and says that he will see Urabe at school tomorrow ( today is Sunday ). Urabe counters with the thought that even though it is Sunday, we might as well do the drool routine anyway. She institutes the routine, as she always does, however, Tsubaki's reaction is most surprising. He perks up with unplanned enthusiasm and concern, as the mental picture that is piggy-backed on Urabe's drool is that of his sister, Youko, wearing the very same dress ! Right away, he begins asking where she got the dress ? But Urabe cuts him short by saying that this was his sister's dress. She then explains that she met Youko downtown, she spent time with her at your house, and she gave me this dress. Going farther, Urabe wants to know why Tsubaki never liked this dress ? It's both mature and cute. Tsubaki replies that he did not dislike the dress, however, it turns to being see-through when it gets wet ! Urabe looks down, and sure enough, one can see the stark outline of her white bra ! When Youko would frequently wear that dress to her classes at college, if it was raining by time she got home, one could very easily see the outline of her bra and panties ! What an eyefull !

Therefore, whenever it looked like rain, Tsubaki would become worried. This because if Youko was wearing that dress, then boys she passed on the way home would give her the 'big eye' and probably a wolf whistle. Boys are perverted like that ! And when you know that your sister, or your girlfriend, gets those kind of glances and looks from other boys, that is really awful ! Although it is still raining, Tsubaki removes the aloha shirt that he is wearing, and puts it round the shoulders of Urabe. He states that he does not mind Urabe wearing the dress on sunny days, however, if it is raining, or going to rain, wearing that dress is forbidden ! Understood ? " Yeah ", is all that Urabe meekly says, as she shyly smiles at Tsubaki. And Tsubaki will treasure that shy smile, as they are so rare coming from Urabe !