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Chapter 90
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Urabe, and her best friend Oka, have planned on going on a shopping trip today. Irrespective of that, Tsubaki, and best friend Ueno, have also planned in doing something today, mostly just fooling around looking at girls in sexy and revealing summer attire. The two couples of friends unexpectedly meet one another when they concurrently come upon a public event. This being a Gravure Idol girl (*) giving a public performance. The four then decide to all go for lunch at a restaurant. Afterwards, Oka and Ueno, being confirmed girlfriend and boyfriend, pair off to make the rest of the day an unplanned but enjoyable date with one another. This leaves Urabe and Tsubaki to themselves, with the possibility of entertaining the same idea that Oka and Ueno had, namely to spend the rest of the day on a date.

With nothing planned at the moment, the two romantic friends decide to just walk together. This they do, with Tsubaki suggesting that Urabe wear her newly purchased swimsuit to the beach some day soon. Urabe becomes a tad suspicious of Tsubaki, and does a reverse drool taste to see why Tsubaki is mentioning such an activity. Sure enough, Tsubaki has the Idol girl, wearing a revealing pure white bikini swimsuit on stage, burned into his mind. But Urabe can't have that, therefore she thinks for a moment, then cuts up the pretty dress she wore today, only to reveal that she is wearing her new bikini swinsuit underneath that dress. Tsubaki gets to gawk at bikini clad Urabe all he wants, as Urabe tells him that she will go to the beach with him, but he is going to bankroll the whole date out of his pocket. Urabe, out in public now only wearing a revealing bikini herself, just like the Idol girl, quickly dresses in the T-shirt and mini-skirt that she had bought in addition to the bikini. She then merely walks away, leaving Tsubaki to fend for himself, and to do an introspection of his own thoughts and motivations regarding Urabe.


Inside the dressing booth at the department store, Urabe is undressing herself. She removes the white dress that she is wearing, her favorite dress, and then removes her underwear. Soon, she is admiring herself wearing a brand new bikini swimsuit. So much more colorful than the plain black one that she has worn for quite some time now (see Chapter 16). It is a colorful turquoise, with a cream colored flower print pattern all over. Suddenly, the curtain to the booth is pulled back, scaring Urabe. But it is only Oka, wanting to know if the bikini fits? Before Urabe can reply, Oka declares that it looks good on her; it is perfect! Oka goes on to say that with Urabe wearing this bikini this summer, she will be a knock-out to Tsubaki, it will blow his mind! Urabe only begs Oka to close the curtain, fer cryin' out loud! This Oka does. With the curtain now closed, Oka peeks her head inside, to ask Urabe if she is going to get this particular bikini? Yes, she is! Oka leaves for a bit, then pokes her head into the booth again. She tells Urabe to wear the bikini under her dress, for the rest of the day. Why? Because, for one thing, Oka is already doing that with the bikini that she just bought. Then again, it is fun to do so, as it gives a girl the feeling of summer. Urabe mentions that she hasn't even paid for it yet. Not to worry! Oka already paid for it a while ago, when she bought her own bikini. Outside, on the sidewalk, the two friends are walking together. Urabe mentions that she can't let Oka pay for her own swimsuit. Oka states that she doesn't mind, she has made extra money from her part time job. So, why not ? Also, kinky as Oka can be at times, confesses that having Urabe wear a bikini swimsuit that she had bought for her gives her, Oka, a special, personal thrill.

Urabe and Oka aren't the only ones out having a good time together today, Tsubaki and Ueno are out knocking around wanting to have some fun. The two male friends are, as the song goes, " Standing on the corner, watching all the girls go by......". Ueno remarks that summer is awesome, as the teenage girls, and young women, too, tend to wear quite revealing clothing styles. Like a wearing a fetish bustier top, having bare midriffs, or wearing dresses with hemlines so short that the dress barely covers the girl's panties. He further states that the best way to go out shopping in such an environment is with other guys. By this he means that if Ueno was with his girlfriend (Oka), he would not allow himself, or be allowed, to gawk at so many other girls. (Two young girls walk by; one wearing what resembles an ice skating dress, the other wearing a boob-tube top and denim overalls.) Soon, the two male friends come upon a large crowd at some sort of venue. They go see what is the attraction.

Meanwhile, Urabe and Oka are walking around, too. In addition to the swimsuit, Oka remarks that she bought a hat and sandels; Urabe offers that she, in addition, bought a t-shirt and a mini-skirt. Oka suggests that they go get something to eat. Sounds good! The two female friends then come upon a large crowd all centered around some sort of attraction.

A young, attractive teenage girl is on a stage, wearing only a white, lacy bikini swimsuit, and posing for the hundreds of pictures that are being taken of her by the crowd. According to the sign on the backstage wall, the girl's name is Mana Okita, she is a Gravure Idol(*), and she is promoting her new DVD album. The cameras and iphones are clicking pictures so fast that it sounds like a giant swarm of locusts, and flashes are popping off like lightening blots. Ueno is overcome with delight and excitement, and tells Tsubaki that he is really glad that they found this outdoor event. If he was with his girlfriend, he would never have been able to get to see it. Tsubaki sorta agrees. Ueno wants to get closer to the stage, and begins to work his way through the crowd, pulling Tsubaki with him. Fighting the crowd becomes a real sporting event in and of itself, as the two friends are pushed and shoved around themselves. Suddenly, a particularly violent sudden push from someone moves Ueno right into a couple of girls. Blimey! It's Oka and Urabe !

Oka and Urabe did, indeed, get to go to lunch, but with Ueno and Tsubaki tagging along just for good measure. The boys even offered to treat everyone, probably to cover the boy's guilty conscience for leering at the Gravure Idol, when they both know that would be displeasing to their girlfriends. Ueno whats to know why the two girls are out today ? Shopping ? Yes, the two girl bought new swimsuits (bikinis) for each other. This makes quite a mental impression on the two boys. Near the end of the meal, Ueno asks what the four of them want to do next together? To try and hide the fact that Tsubaki is dating Urabe, he suggests that Oka and Ueno go off by themselves to make it a real date, and Urabe and himself will go their separate ways. Ueno expresses surprise that Urabe knows that he is dating Oka, but Oka tells him that she already told Urabe quite some time ago. The four friends end up going to a video arcade. Afterward, Ueno tells Urabe that she is a lot more cheerful and fun than what she typically looks like. Ueno then whispers to Tsubaki that he, Tsubaki, needs to consider dating Urabe (Duh! That's already been going on for 89 chapters!) Oka and Ueno then split off to continue their fun as a real date for the rest of the day.


Urabe and Tsubaki wander off on their own, without anyone noticing that they, too, are now on a date together. After a while, Tsubaki makes the offer that Urabe wear her new swimsuit soon, and he will take her to the beach for another date. As fast as lightening, Urabe does a drool taste on Tsubaki, and by means of the drool, sees what is actually on his mind. Why, it is the Gravure Idol, wearing her pure white bikini. Such a vivid picture in Tsubaki's mind! Urabe silently thinks to herself that she is not pleased to accept an invitation for a date to the beach, if that picture of the Idol girl is the motivating factor in Tsubaki's mind. However, sly Urabe says nothing, but asks Tsubaki if he is interested in seeing her new bikini? Well, of course he does! Quick as a wink, Urabe retrieves her scissors from being holstered in the bikini panties that she is wearing under her dress, and in a flash, cuts up her favorite white dress! The dress now looks like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, as they one by one fall to the ground. Urabe, with a frown on her face, is out in public wearing nothing more than a very revealing bikini swimsuit! Tsubaki opens his mouth in astonishment, as Urabe sees her chance, and does a reverse drool taste from Tsubaki's mouth. She sucks on her own finger coated as it is with Tsubaki's drool, and ponders what the drool taste has transmitted to her. The picture in her mind is the picture that is now in Tsubaki's mind, namely, of her wearing her new bikini swimsuit, right here and now!

Urabe accomplished her purpose, so now she slips the scissors back into the bikini panties. However, realization of her circumstances, that of a bikini clad teenage girl out in public for all to see, causes her to begin to panic. She thinks for a moment, as Tsubaki looks onward, then digs into the shopping bag that she was carrying, the one that came from the store. Inside are the other items that she purchased, a t-shirt and a mini-skirt. She pulls the t-shirt over her head, then steps into the mini-skirt and brings it up to her waist. Tsubaki can only gawk in silence. Now dressed properly, Urabe lays down her demands. She says that she does not mind going on a date with him to the beach, HOWEVER, our transportation, meals, admission, souvenirs, and everything else is coming out of his pocket. A full treat across the board from Tsubaki !!! This because Urabe has just cut up her favorite white dress, to please a wayward boyfriend. Tsubaki says that it is okay by him. And with that, Urabe takes her leave.

Tsubaki is left to himself to ponder what just happened. He holds his hands to his face, covering his mouth like he is aghast. He thinks to himself that he was very much surprised to see Urabe cut up her dress to show him the bikini swimsuit that she had bought earlier. But what hit him the hardest was seeing the panic on her face when she realized what she had just done, and was now out in the open wearing so little, and showing off so much skin! A carbon copy repeat of what the Idol girl did!



(*) Gravure Idol

Gravure idols

In Japan, a gravure idol (グラビアアイドル, gurabia aidoru), often abbreviated to gradol (グラドル, guradoru), is a female model who primarily models for magazines, especially men's magazines, photobooks or DVDs. "Gurabia" (グラビア) is a Wasei-eigo term derived from "rotogravure", which is a type of intaglio printing process that was once a staple of newspaper photo features. The rotogravure process is still used for commercial printing of magazines, postcards, and cardboard product packaging.

Gravure idols appear in a wide range of photographic styles and genres. Their photos are largely aimed at male audiences with poses or activities intended to be provocative or suggestive, generally accentuated by an air of playfulness and innocence rather than aggressive sexuality. Although gravure idols may sometimes wear clothing that exposes most of their body, they seldom appear fully nude. Gravure idols may be as young as pre-teen age up to their early thirties. In addition to appearing in mainstream magazines, gravure idols often release their own professional photobooks and DVDs for their fans. Many popular female idols in Japan launched their careers by starting out as gravure idols.