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CHAPTERS 91, 91.5, & 92





One night, Tsubaki has his reoccurring strange dream of being in the City of Dreams. Urabe and himself are at the top of an elevated platform with all sorts of strange beings and activities going on around them. They are looking at one another, a few feet apart. Urabe stares intently at him, and nonchalantly commands---

" Tsubaki-kun ....... kiss me ! "

Instantly, he wakes up. He has not had the dream about the odd city in quite some time now. If only he could actually kiss Urabe. He gets up and looks around. He surmises that his older sister is not back from the party she went to, the reunion party with all her high school friends.

Actually, right about now, Youko is having yet another round of beer, with one of her old schoolmates telling her that she hasn't changed a bit. Not one bit since high school. The subject of everyone supposedly having boyfriends comes up. However, Youko says that she definitely does not have one. One of the young women drops a bombshell by saying that Arima is getting married, Youko's high school boyfriend. But Youko is fine with that, in fact, she already knew that from when he visited the city recently. At that time Youko was rattled, but she says that she took a bath with 'a cute high school girl', and everything turned out fine (see Chapter 85). Youko reminisces that sunsets were really beautiful back when she was dating Arima (*). Another of the young women says that everyone has to look to the future, not the past, and thereby orders another round of beers. Youko's friends want to 'drink and drown' the night away, but Youko says that she has something important to do tomorrow. Another young woman does a toast---"To the beautiful love that is sure to come our way"! Bottoms up, everyone !

Very late at night, Akira Tsubaki is awakened by a car motor running, and car doors being slammed shut. He looks out the upstairs window, only to see his sister exiting from a taxi cab, and barely able to stand up and walk to the front door. Once inside, Youko merely states that she drank so, so much tonight! She sits down on the inside front door steps, and tries to remove her sandals. However, by time Akira has come down stairs to check on her, she has removed only one sandal, and has promptly passed out on the floor. Akira tries to rouse her, but ends up carrying her to her futon. Ara, Ara ! (English---"My, my!") Youko is so light, a joy to carry ! Still wearing her fantastically cute party dress, Youko is 'out like a light' laying on her futon. Akira only silently watches her for a while. He becomes captivated by watching her sleep, whereupon he breaks into tears, and begins quietly crying (#).

Next morning, school classes ended in the late morning, so Urabe and Tsubaki are walking home together in the hot sun. They come to the place where they always do their daily drool routine. So today is no different. However, when Tsubaki is sucking on Urabe's finger, he begins to daydream as to why he was crying last night upon looking at his sister ? Does he even know ? Urabe sees that something is up, and quickly does a reverse drool taste. Unexpectedly, she becomes sad and begins to spontaneously cry. It seems that she has seen some kind of vision or premonition of some sort (#). Tsubaki wants to know why she is crying ? But Urabe is evasive, and only asks him what he was going to do for the rest of the afternoon ? Hang with two of his friends. He offers to set aside his plans for Urabe, but she declines. She says that what she wanted to do 'is nothing'. The two part company, and go their separate ways.

Urabe, for her part, went home and changed out of her sailor fuku school uniform, and into an adorable, pure white, fashionable, short above-the-knee hemline dress, worn with black knee-high socks. He leaves her apartment, goes to a floral shop to buy a bouquet of flowers, and boards a bus. After a long ride, she gets off the bus, and walks up a flight of stairs that lead to a graveyard. After some searching, she finds the headstone that says---

Tsubaki Family Grave

Urabe obliquely stares at the grave marker for a while. Unknown to her is that another person is now ascending the steps to the graveyard. Youko Tsubaki tells herself that she drank way too much last night. She is holding a bouquet of flowers, and an umbrella to keep the hot sun off of her. Hearing the sound of another person jolts Urabe back to reality. But as Urabe looks upon Youko, she sees, once again, what seems like another image and recognition of someone else (#). What was the image that Urabe had seen, both earlier, and now ?

(End Chapters 91 & 92 / Begin Chapter 91.5)

Youko asks Urabe what brings her her to the graveyard ? Urabe bows deeply, and greets Youko. Youko idly states that this is her mother's grave. And what brings Urabe here today ? Urabe simply states that Akira Tsubaki brought her here one time ( see Chapter 12 ). Youko then states that Urabe must know that today is the anniversary of the death of their mother. Urabe says that Akira told her that information. Youko disagrees, stating that Akira does not know the exact day that Mom had died. How, then, does Urabe know ? Urabe, in a major revealing of the private and very intimate relationship that currently exists between Akira and herself, reveals that Akira and herself, when together, share a 'special bond' between themselves, allowing her to see or know many different things about Akira. Urabe goes on to say that on their way home from school, she received an image from Akira. It was of an unconscious woman in a hospital bed (#), and a young boy standing beside her, crying. The young boy was probably Akira when he was younger. The woman looked like she was sleeping, but in this image, Urabe knew that she had just died. So this is why Urabe came here today, due to the image given to her from Akira. Urabe actually had no idea that today was the anniversary of her death.

Urabe is silent for a while, with Youko eventually asking her what is on her mind ? It is because Urabe can see that Youko, right now, looks identical to her mother. Youko takes a well worn picture out of her purse and shows it to Urabe---it is a picture of Youko's mother ! Youko says the she knows that she looks just like her mother, more so every year. And this is the only picture of her mother in existence. This because Akira cried so much whenever he would see any picture of Mom. So all the pictures were done away with, leaving only this one. It seems that Akira has now forgotten what his mother even looks like. He has been here at the gravestone on the holidays, but he does not know the exact day of her death. Youko always comes here on the anniversary, always alone. So if Urabe has come to know this, Youko would have to believe that Urabe does have a mysterious connection to Akira.

Youko then decides to also share a very intimate, personal attribute about herself..........she drops such a strong hint, that Urabe should have no trouble picking up on the implications, without Youko coming right out and saying anything in particular. When Youko was in high school, she knew a boy who she thought she could have a very special and intimate bond with. They were boyfriend and girlfriend, but Youko always hoped that it could be so much more. Youko thought that all through high school, and even thereafter, they would always be together. The emotions were there, but that special bond never materialized. Youko was wrong about that boy, and they actually drifted farther and farther apart, until he went off to college, and his memory almost faded from her mind. Youko becomes embarrassed talking about such things, and apologizes to Urabe. Youko then invites Urabe to do the presentation of the flowers to Mom, as represented by her gravestone that has flower holders to receive the gifts. Urabe, kneeling by the grave, then offers a long, silent prayer, while Youko merely watches in silence. When Urabe is done with her prayer, she arises and addresses Youko as, "Sister"! Urabe goes on---

" Here is what I have been thinking..........I - I............." (+)


That evening, when Akira gets home from spending time with his friends, Youko is in the kitchen. She tells him that dinner is almost ready. Akira turns to go and wash his hands, when Youko stops him in a matter-of-fact gesture. She reaches into the pocket of her apron, and gives Akira a small, sealed envelope. She bluntly tells him that inside the envelope is a picture of our mother. " What? " Youko goes on to explain that she always thought that when Akira had sufficiently grown up, and at the right opportunity, she would give him the only surviving picture of mother. And today was that long awaited for opportunity. So she thought that was the right thing to do. Akira only stares at the envelope, with nothing to say ...........


Next day after school, Tsubaki and Urabe are at their usual spot for their usual daily drool routine. Urabe has her drool dripping from her finger, as usual, but Tsubaki suddenly stops her, and refuses the drool. He then asks if he can borrow the scissors that Urabe always keeps holstered in her panties ? Without a word, Urabe lifts up her pleated short skirt, exposing her panties, and withdraws the pair of scissors, handing them to Tsubaki. He excitedly tells Urabe that he did not ask to use the scissors just so he could catch glimpses of her panties (the bikini panties were plain, ordinary white). Without another word, Tsubaki fetches a small envelope from his backpack, and opens the scissors to cut it to shreds. However, Urabe is 'quick on the draw', and stops him.

" What's in the envelope ? "

" A picture of my Mom. "

" Why would you cut up something that important ? "

Tsubaki explains that his sister gave it to him yesterday. Until recently, he did not know or remember what his mother looked like. But two nights ago, he saw his sister sleeping, and tears unexpectedly came to his eyes. Why ? Well, he figured it out. The look of his sister sleeping was the very same look that he remembered of his mother the night that she died (#). The mental pictures of the two, mom and sister, lying there with their eyes closed were identical. My sister looks identical to my mom now. Therefore, with a 'living picture' in the form of my sister all the time now, there is no need to have a picture of mom. Mom's memory, in a bizarre sense, is alive in Youko. So the picture can be cut to pieces .......... Urabe tells Tsubaki that he can't do that ! In a flash of manual dexterity, Urabe lifts the envelope from Tsubaki's hand, clutches it with both her hands, and presses the envelope to her chest, right over her heart.

" I'll keep it for you ! The day may eventually come when you do want to look at a picture of your mom's face. Until then, I will keep this picture for you ! "

Urabe continues, " You have always said that you wanted to 'move our relationship forward'! Right ? In that case........right here and now....... KISS ME !!! "

" What ??? "

Urabe explains, " I'm holding on to something that is very precious to you ! So now I want to 'move forward', too.......... "

" You sure you want to do this ? ", stammers Tsubaki.

" Yes ! Let's do this !!! "

Tsubaki swallows hard, as his face quickly becomes bright red. He takes his hands, one hand still holding onto the scissors, and slowly places his hands on Urabe's shoulders. The sun is now just above the horizon, with sunset soon to overcome the day and begin the twilight.

" If ........ If we actually kiss ........ I wonder if anything will change .......... ??? ", puzzles Tsubaki ?

" We won't continue our daily drool routine any longer. " , Urabe calmly states. " Kissing is swapping drool from mouth to mouth, anyway. We will kiss before parting ways every day from now on, therefore, we won't have to put our fingers in each other's mouths to do it anymore. "

Urabe puckers her lips in the most erotic and sexy way, waiting for Tsubaki to institute the all important FIRST KISS ! This is what Tsubaki has dreamed of all these many, many months. Tsubaki swallows hard again, and begins to go in for the kiss. However, his gaze is distracted by looking at the setting sun beginning to touch the horizon. Tsubaki thinks to himself, as he tilts his head, bends downward, and goes in toward the target----

" After we have kissed, I wonder if the sunset will look any different ............ ? " (*)

The rapture continues to build to an overpowering erotic crescendo, as the two lover's eyes are passionately closed, and their lips are less that an inch apart. But then, Tsubaki freezes up, solid !

" URABE !!! Listen !!! Why don't we stop right here for today...........??? "

" If not today, then when ? ", mutters Urabe with a frown on her lips.

Tsubaki squeaks out a faithful, seemingly plausible explanation, " Of course, I really want to put it....... while you and I are still in high school, still wearing our high school uniforms everyday........... I think it's okay to stay as we have always done. Kissing would be great, but losing our daily routine would be really sad, I think......... "

Urabe is silent for a long time, as she just stands there, silent like a statue. Tsubaki merely looks on 'from the sidelines'. After quite a while, Urabe softly admits---

" You're right. Yeah. I think so, too. "

Picking up where they left off, Urabe offers her drool to Tsubaki for this day's drool routine. Urabe then mentions to Tsubaki, that there is something that she has to tell him ........... " I ............ "

But Urabe is interrupted by Tsubaki, who is telling her that her nose is bleeding, rather profoundly .........

" Ah ! Shoot ! ", begins Urabe, " I guess I'm too 'worked up' to tell you in person, here and now! Not as long as we are wearing our school uniforms ......... !?!?! "

" What ? ", yelps Tsubaki, " Finish what you were saying ........... I'm curious now !!! "

Urabe lifts up her hand and wags her finger at Tsubaki. " It's a S.......E.......C.......R.......E........T !!! "

Urabe then scoots off and begins running, her short skirt fluttering in the wind and so innocently showing her white panties!

As Urabe is running, she replays in her mind what she was going to tell Tsubaki. The incident that she was keeping as a SECRET! And it is this---on the day that she visited the grave of Tsubaki's mom, and met Youko there, she confessed to Youko a very intimate detail about her personal relationship with Tsubaki. Urabe told Youko that she wants to be in a relationship with Akira Tsubaki, such that it means they will be together, 'forever and ever' (%)! That is how she feels ! (+)

As Urabe continues to run along the elevated sidewalk, the huge sun is setting with a glorious array of colors. Tsubaki, running after her, and still holding on to her pair of scissors, also looks at the wondrous sunset. He thinks to himself---

" The sunset sure is beautiful .......... " (*)

( THE END of the Mysterious Girlfriend X manga story )

Final Chapters Commentary and Opinion

Footnotes on the Final Chapters

(*) The manga story, nor the mangaka, never fully explain what the significance is of the seeing of the sunset as being exceedingly beautiful, this done by both Tsubaki siblings. Youko Tsubaki felt the sunsets had a some sort of special meaning when she was dating Arima, and they were in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. However, at the gravestone, Youko as good as told Urabe that she has drool bond capabilities, and she tried to use them on Arima. But time and time again he would show no significant reaction to her drool that she fed to him. This is probably a factor in why they eventually drifted apart. Now that Akira Tsubaki is in love with Urabe, and they, like his older sister, are in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, the 'sunset factor' now also comes into play. Added to that romantic experience is the fact that Tsubaki and Urabe are actually 'drool bonded' to one another, giving them a stronger and more powerful link than Youko had with Arima. The beautiful sunsets that Tsubaki and Urabe would see would only add to the romantic and erotic effect of their shipping with one another.

(#) A mental image came to his mind when Akira Tsubaki saw Youko passed out from all the alcohol that she drank, and now lying on her futon, still in her party dress. A mental image that was piggybacked onto the drool that Urabe tasted when she did the reverse drool taste with Tsubaki, and she saw in her mind. The mental image that Urabe described to Youko at the grave marker. These mental images were all of the same incident---the night that Akira and Youko's Mom was lying in her hospital bed. The peaceful way that she looked as she slept. However, Mom had actually silently passed away, still looking peaceful and content. as if she were only sleeping.

(%) "Forever and ever! " Urabe is telling Youko in a figurative way that she wants to marry Akira Tsubaki, and be with him the rest of her life. This proclamation of hers is so similar to the premonition that Urabe had when she was in the classroom, and her absentminded gaze fell on Tsubaki sitting across the aisle at his desk. Once Urabe's gaze was fixed on him, she knew immediately in her mind that this boy she is now looking at will be the boy that she will have sex with for the very first time (see Chapter 1)! Urabe then broke out in peals of laughter. However, the premonition was correct. Eventually, at the right time, she will have sex for the very first time with Tsubaki, sooner or later.

(+) What Urabe felt as she was talking to Youko at the graveyard, is not immediately said in the manga. It is left as a cliffhanger. It is only known when Urabe reviews in her mind what she was going to tell Akira Tsubaki about her 'SECRET' while she is running on the sidewalk, and the sun had begun to set !


To commemorate the ending of the manga story, here is a video of a fan made ending of the anime story---


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