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Chapter 75



Mysterious Valentine

Volume 10
Relationship milestones After denying it all day, in the last few hours of St. Valentine's Day, Urabe reverses herself and gives Tsubaki a large heart-shaped box of Lover's Chocolates.
Mysterious New Year's Card
Mysterious White Day
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The day before St. Valentine's Day, Oka prompts Urabe to give chocolates to her boyfriend, just like she is going to do. Urabe is noncommittal, as she does not see the point of the holiday. Next day, the holiday, Tsubaki actually gets chocolates from two other girls, one of whom gives him lover's chocolates. All the while Tsubaki is expecting Urabe to give him her lover's chocolates, but that does not happen, not even during their drool routine in the afternoon. Urabe ends up eating her chocolates that she had all along. Then when Urabe is walking home, she sees chocolates for sale at a candy story. Turns out that Tsubaki's sister, Youko, is there to by chocolates for Tsubaki, her brother, and her dad. Urabe is impressed with Youko's devotion, and changes her mind. Urabe buys the giant sized, heart shaped, box of lover's chocolates and hurrys to the Tsubaki home. Tsubaki is laying in his bed, depressed and dejected. However, he comes to the front door, only to see Urabe with lover's chocolates to give to him !


It's a somewhat chilly but pleasant day in February, as Urabe and Oka are outside on a bench eating their noontime bento. Both are wearing their winter female school uniforms, scarves, and warm tights. Oka asks Urabe if she is going to give chocolates to Tsubaki tomorrow, since it is St. Valentine's Day. Urabe says that she wasn't thinking of doing so; she feels that the holiday is something that she has little interest in. A surprised Oka boldly counters with the thought that Urabe simply has to give chocolates to the boy she is dating. However, Urabe is more distressed because she just dropping the bacon warp she was about to eat ! Oka tries again with the statement that getting chocolates on St. Valentine's Day drives boys crazy ! If boys don't get chocolate, they go absolutely nuts ! Oka ends with the plea that Urabe simply has to do it !

Next day, St. Valentins's Day, Tsubaki is walking to school and daydreaming of the moment when Urabe will, sometime today, give him chocolates. As a matter of fact, coming up from behind, a girl is prepared to right here and now give him chocolates. However, she is Matsuzawa, of the film club. " For me ? ", Tsubaki reacts. But it is only obligatory ( non-romantic ) chocolates, given as a thank you for him helping out at the film club.

Later that morning in the school hallway, another box of chocolates is tentatively handed to Tsubaki. This time they come from Suwano, the girl who almost got Tsubaki to taste her drool ( see Chapter 56 ). He politely begins to decline, but Suwano points out that he helped her in the past a lot, and she is only giving him chocolates as 'a friend'. Besides, Suwano goes on, she saw him accept chocolates from Matsuzawa, and she, Suwano, doesn't have to ever tell Urabe about that ! Or maybe you don't like me, affirms Suwano ? And with that, Tsubaki accepts her chocolates, not knowing that they are, in fact, lover's chocolates !


Later, after school and walking home, Tsubaki muses about what to do with two boxes of chocolate. He surmises that Urabe and himself will be in the park, sitting on a park bench. He will open his backpack, and the two boxes of chocolate will fall out, thus triggering instant jealously in Urabe. He can't have that, so he decides to 'dispose of the evidence' by eating the chocolate from both boxes, then dumping the empty boxes in a trash can. Tsubaki continues on, eventually meeting Urabe. They walk together in silence, with Tsubaki still clinging to the hope that she will at any second offer him a box of chocolates. They come to their usual place for the daily drool routine. However, Urabe notices a chocolate stain on Tsubaki's cheek, and quickly changes the drool taste to a reverse drool exchange. That operation tells Urabe that he did, indeed, eat chocolate earlier. Tsubaki breaks down and confesses that two girls did give him chocolate, but it was only 'obligation' chocolate, not lover's chocolate. Urabe counters with the bland statement that they, as a couple, do things differently from everybody else, and as such, there is no need to celebrate St. Valentine's Day. And with that she takes her leave !

Once Tsubaki is out of sight, Urabe stops to rest on a park bench. She opens her backpack, retrieves a box of chocolates, and promptly eats a few of them. She concludes that they are nice and sweet, but nothing to get excited about, really ! Continuing on the way home, Urabe walks through the market section of the village. She sees a candy store selling chocolates, and this recalls the advice from Oka---that if boys don't get chocolate on this very special day, they see that as an awful rift in the shipping they have with their girlfriend. Staring at the various chocolate boxes on the open air display, suddenly a hand is placed on Urabe's shoulder. It's Youko, Tsubaki's older sister. She is here to by chocolates for her family; and you, Urabe ? Don't you have someone to give chocolates to, intones Youko in a fervently and reverently inquisitive way ? Urabe pauses for a few silent moments, meditating on what Youko has just said. Then in a quick reversal of her feelings, belts out that she does have someone to give chocolates to ! Urabe immediately grabs the big heart-shaped box of special lover's chocolates in the center of the display, and quickly, fervently, and reverently buys it.

That evening, Tsubaki is laying on his bed in his room, musing that Urabe was so adamant about not giving him chocolates; that was so tragic and hurtful ( just what Oka said would happen ). But then the doorbell rings. Going to see who it is, Tsubaki is shocked and surprised to see that it is Urabe standing by the front gate. Very unusual for her to come unannounced to his home. Urabe gets right to the point by opening her backpack and telling Tsubaki that she has something to give to him---a large heart shaped box of lover's chocolates !!! Tsubaki becomes embarrassed and blushes deeply. He is puzzled, stating that he thought that she though it was pointless to do such. Urabe merely says that she changed her mind, as simple as that. Tsubaki wants to sample the chocolates right here and now, with Urabe's approval, this he does. " It's really good ! " , exclaims Tsubaki ! Not taking his word for it, Urabe does another reverse drool taste. The chocolate infused drool tasted, to her, really, really sweet ( indicating by the drool taste that a very erotic and deeply profound moment has just occurred ) ! Urabe turns to go, but offhandedly tells Tsubaki that she expects him to return the favor next month on White Day ( the day that boys give chocolates to the girls ). Just what does she mean by that ???