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" Urabe, you have this mysteriousness about you . . . . I've been really interested in you . . . . "



Ogata is a popular, good-looking classmate of Akira and Urabe who is also a star player of the school soccer team. Although he could have any girl in the school as his girlfriend, he is interested in Urabe, due to her mysterious social habits and nonconformity at school. Not knowing that Urabe and Tsubaki are already boyfriend and girlfriend, he follows Urabe outside one day and does a 'love confession' to her. Ogata tries to ask her out on a date, as well as offering to walk her home from school every day, but Urabe seems to be unimpressed. She tells Ogata to wait until the next day for an answer.

The next day is a very windy day, but Ogata asks Urabe to come outside nonetheless. Unaware that Urabe is about to conduct a test, she asks Ogata to taste her drool, drool that has been 'supercharged' by Urabe by not wearing any underwear under her skirt on a windy day. But like Ueno, Ogata is shown to not have the ability to sent, receive, or process drool, and he shows no reaction whatsoever to her high octane drool. Therefore, Urabe tells him that he has " no chance in all eternity that he could ever become her boyfriend ". Ogata screeches loudly in surprise and disappointment as Urabe calmly walks away from him.