Riichi Ueshiba (aka Reach Ueshiba) is a Japanese manga writer and artist born September 4, 1969 (aged 50 as of 2019).

He has written and drawn Yume Tsukai (Dream User) and Nazo no Kanojo X (Mysterious Girlfriend X). These manga were later adapted into their own anime series. Characters from his earlier work Discommunication, also made cameo appearances in the 14th episode (OVA) of Mysterious Girlfriend X anime.

Ueshiba went quiet shortly after concluding Nazo no Kanojo X manga in 2014, most likely to take little break from public life and creating manga. But in 2017 he made comeback with his new manga Ookumo-chan Flashback, which he currently publishes monthly in Afternoon magazine, like all his previous works.

Riichi does not use social media platforms (or even a blog), communicating, only via omakes, or special chapters within his manga, where he often represents himself as one eyed humanoid cat, who offers his opinions on a variety of topics. Also look for cameo appearances of Riichi as the one-eyed cat, called "Bad Cat", in his manga. If you look carefully, you can find in the manga stories a Bat Cat beverages vending machine, Bad Cat canned coffee, a Bad Cat logo backpack, and the trademark Bad Cat on may other consumer items !


Riichi Ueshiba's most enduring couple

Professional Works

  • Discommunication (1991–1999)
  • Discommunication: Gakuenhen (1998)
  • Discommunication: Seireihen  (1999–2000)
  • Yume Tsukai (2001–2004)
  • Nazo no Kanojo X (2006–2014)
  • Ookumo-chan Flashback (2017-)

Riichi Ueshiba likes to provide story links between the many works that he has created. This by means of cross-references, guest appearances, or by flashbacks. For example, in the Mysterious Girlfriend X OAV, two characters from Discommunication make a guest appearance in the episode, and are part of the story line. In Ookumo-chan Flashback, the mangaka draws a manga story that is a knock-off of Mysterious Girlfriend X, called Unconfirmed Girlfriend X, with even the characters of both manga bearing a striking resemblance to one another. This is done through flashbacks, background scenes, as well as spoof and parady incorporated into the storyline. A section of this Mysterious Girlfriend X Wiki has been devoted to a complete list of the cross-references that occur in Ookumo-chan Flashback, and where they link to, or where they are spoofing, in Mysterious Girlfriend X. That section can be found here.


The front cover of Ookumo-chan Flashback.


The front cover of Mysterious Girlfriend X

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