The Royal Executioner ready to do her duty, should the need arise !

The Hoshinome School Cultural Festival

The Hoshinome Cultural Festival is the big summer celebration of the Hoshinome Girls' Academy. The Festival is mostly created and run by the students of the school, with the teachers only acting in an advisory capacity. The entire festival is held on the school grounds and campus, as well as in select school buildings. One feature about the Festival that makes it unique among all the summer activities is that the girls who work the Festival, or who attend, are well known for cosplaying, or cross-cosplaying as various anime or manga characters. This makes the Festival one of most colorful and highly attended festivals in the Prefecture. Hayakawa Aika, who is a member of the student body, invites Tsubaki and Urabe to attend, abet separately, for a very devious reason. Oka and Ueno also attend.

Cosplay and Cross-cosplay Picture Gallery

Here are some of the girls and their girlfriends showing off their cosplay and cross-cosplay costumes that were seen this summer at the Hoshinome Cultural Festival---


The Entry Form for the Cosplay and Cross-cosplay Contest


One of the girls, taken from the harem, in the movie Aladdin


Dracula, the Son of Frankenstein, and the Mummy


Two English Cavaliers. Tuxedo Mask ( Tuxedo Karman ) in the background.


The Revolutionary Leader meets with the reigning Princess. Inca girl in the background.


Star Wars Royal Guard. Mary, pregnant with the Son of God, in the background.


Bagpipe girl playing her heart out!


Female Sailor and Native Girl enjoying their time together.


Rock Star just before her big concert.


Female Roman Centurion flirting with Medusa


Happy Samurai girl


Police woman questioning the Masked Intruder.



Hayakawa attired in her super cute middle school jumper dress school uniform


Oka dressed as a French Maid, but just who came wearing the robot costume ? You will never guess just who it is !!!

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