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My interests and hobbies-----shoujo anime, shoujo manga, Asian ball-jointed dolls, Gothic / Lolita fashion and lifestyle, adult competitive ice skating and ice dancing, creative writer of TG fiction, non-fiction writer, manga and anime artist, fan of demolition derbys.

In the Japanese language, the Internet and Wiki name 'CuteButLooksLolita' is feminine, and means in Japanese culture, the term 'CuteLolita' is used to describe the lolita fashion subculture of cute (see kawaii) or delicately feminine appearance reflecting what Hinton suggests is "an idyllic childhood, a girl’s world of frilly dresses and dolls." The style, strongly influenced by Victorian and Roccoco fashions, is characterized by full skirts and petticoats, decorated with lace and ribbons. Words commonly used to describe the style include "porcelain doll", "delicate", and "childlike".

My avatar is a trans girl named Akira, from the transformation themed manga Until I Become Me


Because this wiki seems to have been unattended since 2012, I will begin as Caretaker and Moderator of Mysterious Girlfriend X beginning in Jan 2017. I was appointed the Admin and B'cat in Feb 2017. I plan on upgrading, reworking, and expanding this wiki, so that all of the anime episodes, and most of the manga chapters, will have complete summarys and plots. I am not a geek or nerd, so some of the pages may look generic, at least until I can learn how to upgrade them, and do so without delay.

Mysterious Girlfriend X is one of the most original, bazaar, unusual, provocative, and fantastically erotic anime and manga that I have ever come across. When done, I wish to present this wiki to all otaku and fans who come here to enjoy anime and manga.

CuteButLooksLolita, Feb, 2017