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As I have been slowly working on rebuilding and expanding the Mysterious Girlfriend X Wikia, it is good to from time to time to take assessment of what has been accomplished. Quite a bit, actually ! The manga side has had a chapter by chapter chronicle from about chapter 4, which is where I found the end of the previous Admin's editing, wherein I have created and edited the manga up to, for the most part, to chapter 61. On the anime side, I started with only the first episode done, and have completed the chronicle and review of all of the episodes through the ending episode 13, as well as the anime OAV / episode 14. All of the character profiles have been upgraded, with many having an Appearance Section added to the mix. Some new content was created, such as the Characters with Drool Bonding section, the City of Dreams section showing all of the characters bizarre dreams, and the Music of Mysterious Girlfriend X section. Now one will find Anime and Manga Fan's comments on the front page, to tease the reader into investigating this wiki based on other fan's impressions and views.

This Wikia is a specialized wiki, as far as I am concerned, in that it is of the rare variety of a romance story that has quite a bit of erotic and kinky content, but with NO SEX or sexual situations, and no copulation between the characters. Thus, I feel that this wiki can not be edited by ordinary means with ordinary editors. As such, I prefer to work alone, as the Admin and B'crat, and for the most part, do not require any assistance. That said, select help is valued, but those editors that are kind, caring, compassionate, and able to follow direction from the Admin are so few and far between. I have had to turn away help from other editors because their grasp of written English words and sentence structure is so poor and fractured, that their efforts are actually a detriment to this Wikia, as well as for other detrimental reasons. As I have stated on the Editing Guildlines for this Wikia, the editing manpower and workload for this Wikia is adequate, and no extra help is wanted or needed.

May the efforts to rebuild and expand this very unique Wikia pan out so that it can be a source of information and fun for new ones to anime and manga, and hardcore otaku anime and manga fans alike.

CuteButLooksLolita, Admin and B'crat 

Jan 29, 2012

Cedar Point, Ohio, USA