Random Thoughts about the rebuilding and expansion of Mysterious Girlfriend X / Nazo no Kanojo X---


The most unusual romantic couple

  • I discovered this Wikia in Jan 2017, and immediately fell in love with it. This Wiki is a rare opportunity to write about an anime that I have also fallen in love with. The beginning attraction for me with regard to Mysterious Girlfriend X was when I read Riichi Ueshiba's blog post and Omake about one of the purposes that lead him to create this manga. He said that he wanted to tell a story about the romantic attraction of a teenage boy towards a teenage girl, a girl that would be very mysterious to him because he was a virgin, and has never fallen in love before. Everything is a mystery to him. Riichi also stated that his story would not only have a mysterious background, but the story would be very bazzaar, unusual, provoctivate, unpresidented, and fantastically erotic, but WITHOUT any overt sexual content. He said that the characters would dance around the idea of sexuality within such a relationship, without it being of an actual sexual nature. That is a rare undertaking, IMO. And I want to understand how Riichi was able to tell such a story, and be able to explain the story to other fans and interested ones.
  • When I found this Wikia, it had not been active since about 2012. The framework and templates of the pages were already sit, but most of the Wikia was left blank. Also, whoever began the text seemed to have trouble with sentance structure, as well writing the text in British English. I began revision, which is still ongoing, but have begun to write text for the manga half of the wikia, which was completely blank. I plan on doing mostly text until the story has been taken, for both the manga and anime, to about the point of the end of the anime. Many of the pages will look generic, but I will go back later and add the templates, and do a clean-up process, so the wikia will look more professional. I do not, at this time, know just how much time this will take, but plan on working on this project, slowly but surely, until it's done.