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" You should be on the school's track team . . . . "


Yajima loves to run, and is the fastest girl on the school's track team. However, she barely beats Urabe in a race during PE class at the start of Chapter 17 ( of the manga ) and Episode 7 ( in the anime ).


She is seen again in Chapter 23 ( of the manga) and Episode 9 ( in the anime ), when she comments on Urabe's new twin tail hairstyle. Later, Yajima is seen playing volleyball with Urabe and several other girls during PE class. In Chapter 25 of the manga, Yajima is seen as taking part in the high school girl's PE swim class. She is lining up for a swim competition, and can be seen in her school one-piece tank swim suit, on the edge of the pool, ready to go in Lane 3.

Physical Appearance

Yajima has short light brown hair and freckles, these being her unique features. She is roughly the size of Urabe just standing a few centimeters taller than her.

Her skin is white with a bit of tan due to her athletic activities, and, apart from the freckles, it has no distinguishable features.

Yajima does not have drool bond capabilities.